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Originally Posted by Route55 View Post
Two things:

1. Your directed comments sound like you are assuming I'm gay, which would be an incorrect assumption. I am heterosexual.

2. I challenge you to share your comments here with your "gay friends" and see how long they continue to be your friend, or is this the 21st century version of "I'm not racist, I have black friends"?
i have met you a few times, and never thought you were gay.
sorry, if my poor typing came off that way. that was not my intention.

my gay friends (a couple now) know me well, and have for 20 years.
i knew them for many, many years b4 i knew they were gay/a couple(my gaydar dont work). they have heard my horrible gay jokes as a younger, drunker man(very embarrassing now). im positive i had called them a "sexual slur" in the past. my friend jason is a big guy, and could easily crush me. he is a very masculine guy, and has heard every possible gay slur/term there is, often from his friends. he was a high school football player, the locker room is big on gay slurs.

we discussed gay marriage at our halloween/euchre tournament. he knows i dont support gay marriage. i dont have any problem with steve and jason living together. thats a personal choice they made, and is none of my buisness. i wish them all the best! that still dont make it a marriage.

im sure he does not share my opinion of gay marriage. he knows that opinion is widely held by most of his closest friends.

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