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Originally Posted by Trendsetter View Post
Wow this is going down just about as I thought. Lots of closed minded bible thumping closed minded asshats on this board. No surprised.

Mark my words if you are under the age of about 45 and live a full life say 75-80ish not only will u see same sex marriage in your life time, your grand children will ask you to tell them about the time people thought being gay was a bad thing, kinda like hitler and the Jews without all the killing (however I am positive most hill jacks would kill gays if they could get away with it)

Long and the short of it I ask you this, how does a gay marriage effect you personally???? I mean does having a gay couple married make your marriage a sham? Will you love your wife less? And the real kicker what is marriage other then a piece of paper? Do you love some one more because the church or the justice of the peace has signed a document saying they get half your shit when you don't love that person anymore????

Just curious
Thank you! My thoughts exactly!
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