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marriage is one man and one woman!

not two men!
not two women!
not 2 women and 1 man!
not 3 guys and a sheep!

if its not 1 man and 1 woman, can i marry 2 or 3 women?
or a man and a woman?
or a english sheepdog?
where does it end?

it has been voted on many times and loses almost every time!
hell, it lost twice in california!
the majority of america does not support gay marriage!
no matter what the press tries to tell you!

what two gay or bi people do behind closed doors is their own buisness.
when they bring it out into the public like its "totally normal", they are gonna be disappointed in the outcome!

your relationship is not "equal" to that of a man and a woman.
your not "entitled" to pensions or social security benefits.
having your "relationship" recognized as equal is not a "civil right".

Im not anti gay, I have gay friends. i hope their relationships last a long time. that is not a marriage though!

do i want a gay male coaching my sons jr high school swim team? Hell No!
do i want a transgendered man as the receptionist for my church? Hell No!
do i want lesbian as my daughters high school gymnastics coach? Hell No!
do you want me to be your wifes massage therapist? Hell No!

we are not all equal! we never have been, and we never will be!

"When did it become unconstitutional to exclude homosexual couples from marriage? 1791? 1868, when the 14th Amendment was adopted?"
Antonin Scalia

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