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Originally Posted by KCameron13 View Post
Now as much as I agree with your statement, I must say that organic standards are virtually nonexistent. So if you have your organic products tested I bet you'd be shocked at what shows.

For some people, myself included, macros and calories are the priority. If I spent many time worrying about chemicals I'd never eat or drink on this planet unfortunately.

I'm not an overly huge proponent of the organic thing either, but I do take the time to pick up the package and compare how many chemicals and things are in the ingredients list.

I don't worry as much about the calories or the macros, I'm not trying to get to 4% bodyfat on a specific date to stand on stage and get judged, I worry more about maintaining my fitness levels and trying to stay lean. I usually just count protein and eat clean.

How do you figure if you tried to avoid chemicals you would never eat or drink anything? All I eat is fruit, veggies, nuts, and meat. If you shop accordingly, grow your own, etc. you can significantly cut down on the chemicals and still eat plenty of foods.

If you're into counting calories and macros and going for a balance of carbs fat and protein, clearly you're smart enough to know the chemical content of a twinkie is significantly higher than an can never go full retard, but you can always choose the better alternative...that's where I am at when it comes to food. If I have two choices I try to pick the one that is better for me, if I find another alternative that is better for me, I try to go with that......that's all.

I'll take the uncured bacon over the regular bacon, and the turkey bacon last....for me.

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