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Some old tech. Prices are from 2007.

Originally Posted by Zook94
Ok, so if memory serves correctly, '73-'79 Lincoln Mark V rear rotors are 12 inches, maybe a hair bigger in diameter, and 1 inch thick with a 5 on 5.5. Add to this a pair of 4 piston calipers from an IFS Toyota PU, '86 and up. Suzuki guys run the toy calipers all the time with no problems with pedal feel or height.
Originally Posted by JohnnyJ
2001 Dodge Ram rotors are 12" and in 2002 they went to the 17" rims and 13" rotors.

The only thing that I am seeing is that the big Dodge rotors run a little thin compared to a stock chevy rotor, and even to a ford rotor which many use for 5x5.5 conversions with chevy calipers.

Too thin? I dunno. I'm running chevy K10 calipers with ford f150 rotors in the rear, and they are 0.030" under the K10 rotor discard fresh out of the box but are doing fine. I think that's what Jim is running, too.

The dodge only takes it another 0.080" for the 2003 big rotors, but is about the same as the ford for the 2001 rotors.

From Napa for 2003 Dodge 1500:
Item#: TS 48880073
Price: $32.49
# of Bolts:5 Bolt Circle Diameter:5.5"
Discard Thickness:1.039"
Outside Diameter:13.23"
Thickness When New:1.102
Vented / Solid:Vented

From Napa for 2001 Dodge 1500 4x4:
Item#: TS 4886917
Price: $39.99
# of Bolts:5 Bolt Circle Diameter:5.5"
Discard Thickness:1.118"
Outside Diameter:12.11"
Thickness When New:1.18"
Vented / Solid:Vented

And finally a 1987 Chevy K10:
Item#: TS 4885608
Price: $35.49
# of Bolt Holes:6 Bolt Circle Diameter:5.5"
Diameter:11 55/64"
Discard Thickness:1.215"
Outside Diameter:11.86"
Thickness When New:1.285"
Vented / Solid:Vented

Well, let's add the standard 1982 F150 4x4:
Item#: TS 4885611
Price: $31.99
# of Bolt Holes:5 # of Bolts:5
Diameter:11 23/32"
Discard Thickness:1.12"
Outside Diameter:11.72"
Thickness When New:1.185"
Vented / Solid:Vented
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