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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
I've talked to enough Islamic people, even debated with them, to understand thier faith. What I've learned from them (and I did learn from them instead of telling them they were wrong) was that I like Christianity better because of what it brings to the table. That And those expierences I've had have lined up with the Christian God more so then the Islamic one.

Did I say you were wrong? I don't think I did. Anyway, you have a lot more religions to cover, if you want to have a deep understanding of all of them before you dismiss them.

Faith is not necessarily a lack of Knowledge. It could be argued that it's a better understanding of things that can't be explained. Some of the greatest minds where believers and they didn't show a lack of knowledge. There passion to Glorify God by understanding his creation brought us many inventions and theories that we still use today.
I'm not saying that having faith means you have a overwhelming lack of knowledge, I'm just saying that you have a lack of KNOWledge in the thing that you have faith in. I.e. do you KNOW for a fact, that god exists. I'll answer for you, no. If you did KNOW, you wouldn't need faith, you would already have knowledge. knowledge > faith.
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