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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
I mean, let's do the math.....well, I can't do the math, because I don't know how much shit he has.

But let's say his TJ is a pile of 10k parts, his superduty is worth about 10k, I know he has seth's old trailer (did he ever pay seth off?) thats gotta be worth about 3k. he has at least another $100 in that 6 wheel fourwheeler (6) thing

I assume he's got another 5-10k worth of miscellaneous junk car shit laying around his parents yard, a few guns, etc.

Might not be able to buy a house cash, but he's damn close to a 50% downpayment.
Not sure what my personal finances/possessions have to do with a Jeep build (or lack there of ) but what I will say is that the reason I haven't cared to work on my POS was I was focusing my effort into buying a house. Unfortunately when I lost my job 2 weeks ago the house purchase I was days away from closing on had to be canceled. So now Im back at square one. Life sucks, tough shit... time to move forward.

P.S: To all you employed asshats, keep working so my unemployment checks keep comming in I think Ill buy a UTV. And Chad, you've greatly underestimated the ammount of shit that I have, your list is just the tip of the ice burg
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