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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
I'll be the first to tell you, I've never read the bible cover to cover, however, I've found enough problems with it for me to dismiss it.
If you only read parts of a book for a large piece of legislation would that make it ok to not follow that law once it's passed? Or maybe you just didn't understand the wording so you'd probably go to a lawyer or politician to have them explain it. Why would you do that? Because they've read the whole thing and understand what the whole of the book says.

I'm not saying I completely understand the bible but I'm around people that have studied for longer then I've been alive and they understand the intricacies of that book.

Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
I'll add that to my list of shit to do that will never accomplish anything. You're truly blinded, so even if I point it all out to you underlined and highlighted, you still won't understand anything other than from your own point of view.
OK, I'll be honest, I think you're blinded by your own ideals. That Christians are all Judgmental people that think thier way is the only way. We may believe that but we recognize that every person has the right to think that there is another way to God. Our belief, according to our book, that we believe is inspired by God, is that there is only one way.

Jesus, who we believe is God in an earthly body, said it him self "I am the way the truth and the life, not one comes to the father except through me.". There is not continuing text that says " can dance around 3 times on one foot".

I live my life in full belief that the holy bible is the inspired by God and put my faith in the words that are spoken by Jesus in it. Why, in any logical way, would you think that I would be willing to believe anything other then what he said?

*I am fully aware that other people believe in other ways and that's thier right. BUT, because I believe in one way, I'm going to try and show them through my life style and the bible that Jesus is the only way. Not because I'm judging them, but because I know what awaits them for all eternity. Absence from God and all his Characteristics.

Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
This is a fair complaint, and a fair challenge.

I have read portions of the bible (never the whole thing cover to cover) and it doesn't do much for me, but I think what you are saying is fair.

I really wish I could interview some dead people and see if they are in heaven, hell, an urn, or some currently frozen dirt just below the frost line.
I'll even concede to the restriction that I can't use any Christian or theological websites to argue my case. The only website a may use it Blue letter because of the extensive lexicon's and references on that site.

The only (once) dead person I talk to is Jesus. .
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