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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
How does it not devalue the Gospel? How can as a Christian, say the bible is holy and the word of god, yet not grasp how only certain verses are snipped to fit an agenda. It's the holy bible, but only these parts, and the rest of it, well we just don't talk about the rest of it. How can a holy book, that you are supposed to live your life by, contradict itself so much?

What I'm getting at here, is that it's pretty evident that the Christain church, especially the Catholic church, is pretty damn crooked and they have their own agenda. They are pretty much their own government, so they are going to edit and paraphrase the bible to fit that agenda. If you say that isn't true, pick up a history book.
I'm telling you that there are thousands of pastors who don't pick and choose and can show you the connection through out the Bible.

A far as history goes. It's history. It further proves that when man trys to bend Gods word to his will it never reflects the true nature of hischaracter.

Give me some examples of these contradictions without going to your favorite biblical contradiction website. You claim to know the Bible so well. Prove it. Anybody can search on Google "bible contradictions" but, as you've claimed many times, you've read the bible and found those contradictions by your self. I want those. I dont' want some link to a website.

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