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Originally Posted by CheapThrillB2 View Post
Sarah so far is okay, Bump on the head and sore. Small cut behind her ear.

I guess somebody braked in front of her on sheet ice (I verified the ice, it was a skating rink when I got there) she braked and the ass slid out and down into the ditch (4 ft drop to about a foot wide level and another 2 foot back up to the field) clipping a sign and I guess she rolled three times according to witnesses, but looking at the earth and marks I think it was twice. It was a two post adopt a highway sign that acted as a ramp. Broke it in half. Landed about 50 yds out into a corn field. Pics are as it was when landed. Seems only body damage, I climbed in and fired it up and sounded good, no fluids underneath and dropped it in 4lo and drove that bitch out of the field up the ditch and to the road. I would of drove it home if the cops wouldn't of been on site. Pass Back door still works and has glass, and rear hatch is undamaged, and drivers rear side glass still there as well.

Seems the impacts were only to both "a" pillars and thinking the sign did the LF damage. Really no other impact points to the body, bunch of corn stalks and mud backed into the beads of the tires but all 4 were still inflated. Bags weren't deployed as the sensors weren't damaged.

Thinking I may do a body swap. Found a couple other 98's with bad 4.0L sohc for cheap and good bodies. Reading about doing motor swaps I think I can get the body swapped in a few hrs with the use of a hoist.

Faired pretty damn good in my opinion, walking away with the min. injuries she suffered and considering her Explorer has a 2" Body Lift. Body still appears square to the frame and all mounts intact.

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