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Originally Posted by Coyote Red View Post
That is my point. None of us know if he was or wasn't a threat. If you feel threatened by a situation use enough force to stop the treat. If that includes deadly force so be it. I can only base my opinion off the facts posted and how I would handle the situation knowing the facts provided.

The difference between our opinions of the situation just became apparent. I am 6'2" and worked on a farm as a teen and hit and miss now as my help is needed. An unarmed drunk 16 year old is not a life threat to me. A armed or violent or aggressive drunk 16 year old may very well be a life threat to me. I am not saying you are wrong with you opinion by any means, you have the right to defend with deadly force and am glad to hear you are willing to do so. Flint has a way of ruining anyone's tolerance for dip shits and dead beats. I live in Flint six month out of the year for school.

How do you know the home owner wasn't a MMA fighter that could have hit him once stopped the treat? Was the kid built like you at 16 or was he 5'5" and 180 soaking wet? Many things are not know about this story. If things are cleared up by the video I can't view it at work. If you were as you describe yourself at 16, and were caught inside my house drunk at 2am you pose a life threat to me and I would follow the home owner's action.
How do you know any of that at 2 am and someone is breaking in? Do you plan to interview the person. Let's sit down and have some coffee and examine your reasoning for breaking into my house and coming up the stairs towards where my family is sleeping? You assume that the person knows the kid. I don't know that I would recognize the family that lives two doors down from me. I work a lot and they aren't really outdoor people. In fact, if their dog broke in I would know the dog since it is always outside, but not the homeowner.
Like I said.. we can all speculate this and that but in that moment if you don't shoot and it isn't the neighbor kid you could be shot and be unable to defend your family. It would be pretty horrible to assume that everyone breaking in is really a nice confused kid and wind up getting your whole family killed. In fact, if you feel that way you shouldn't even need to own a gun since you care more about random intruders than your own family.
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