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Originally Posted by firehawk View Post
Only because you know the outcome. Had he been a robber do you ask him to stop and then interview him as to why he is there?

Who knows if he posed a threat while inside, but he was where he was not supposed to be at night time breaking into someones home. Maybe he was actually going to rob or kill them, kinda hard to read dead guys mind.
That is my point. None of us know if he was or wasn't a threat. If you feel threatened by a situation use enough force to stop the treat. If that includes deadly force so be it. I can only base my opinion off the facts posted and how I would handle the situation knowing the facts provided.
Originally Posted by Bones View Post
I am not going to get into a fistfight in my house at 2am. For one I am dead blind without my glasses on, so I can't see ehit in the dark. As I said before, I'm not going to wait for the intruder to give me an explanation or frisk him to see if he has a gun. If he is lucky, he'll hear the shotgun rack and GTFO. If I have the pistol, sorry for your luck, you're not getting a warning noise. I'm not a big guy, so there is no way I am going to pretend I am going to defend my life and my wife's life with my fists.

And I lived in Flint for 4 years, and that ate up pretty much my entire life supply of tolernace for assholes.

All my friends and family know not to barge in the house without telling me or my wife. She is a better aim than I am anyways!

My shotgun and bedside pistol both have a light on them. IMO, the light is the first line of defense. It will absolutely blind anyone looking at it in the dark.
The difference between our opinions of the situation just became apparent. I am 6'2" and worked on a farm as a teen and hit and miss now as my help is needed. An unarmed drunk 16 year old is not a life threat to me. A armed or violent or aggressive drunk 16 year old may very well be a life threat to me. I am not saying you are wrong with you opinion by any means, you have the right to defend with deadly force and am glad to hear you are willing to do so. Flint has a way of ruining anyone's tolerance for dip shits and dead beats. I live in Flint six month out of the year for school.
Originally Posted by FlatFender View Post
The mere fact that he forcefully entered someone else's home justifies deadly force.

How do you know the homeowner was able bodied enough to fight the kid? At 16, I was 6' tall, 230lbs, lean, aggressive, and stronger than I am now. No way getting into a physical altercation is safe or advisable.
How do you know the home owner wasn't a MMA fighter that could have hit him once stopped the treat? Was the kid built like you at 16 or was he 5'5" and 180 soaking wet? Many things are not know about this story. If things are cleared up by the video I can't view it at work. If you were as you describe yourself at 16, and were caught inside my house drunk at 2am you pose a life threat to me and I would follow the home owner's action.
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