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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
It's the easiest religion to follow because it requires one step. Any other reason would fall under "I can't really tell you because you think the bible is hokum".

If you say that the Bible is a reason to believe, couldn't the same be said for any other religion and it's holy book?

The reason to believe is because you are sinful man. Welcome to the club, we are all sinners. We have absoulty no way to get rid of all our sin so we deserve death. Christ lived a perfect life, died on a cross (in so many ways fulfilling OT laws), allowing us to be sanctified (cleaned) and have full fellowship with God.

You will never experience Grace or mercy from God intill you accept how much we all have fallen from his standards. From that understanding Christ can come show God's mercy to you and that Mercy and Grace will change your life forever.

It all starts with realizing your standing with God.
These are premises within the religion that may make sense to you since you already believe it, but it doesn't really do much for someone like me. I guess I wasn't clear, when I asked for reasons to believe, I meant reasons that lead you to believe that Christianity is true. This is because for me, the reason to believe something is the preponderance of evidence showing you that it's believable. What is the evidence that lead you to believe? That would be a reason to believe.
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