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Originally Posted by mtnbikinbryno View Post
How many people commenting on this thread have a tacticool HD gun with a light on it? What is the point of the light on the gun if you are going to shoot at a shadow without IDing the target?

I have never been in the situation and hope never to be. If I am, I would hope that my eye is on the target, finger on the trigger, when I can light him up. If there is a split second when I can see a weapon or otherwise feel threatened then bang. If not, maybe a kid like this who made a mistake can stick around for a while.

That said, I don't question the homeowners action.
I have a light on my pistol, and my rifle. I also live in a townhome that looks like every other townhome on the street. There are, apparently a lot of teenagers in my neighborhood, because I see them at the bus stop on my way to work, but other than that, I NEVER see them.

The thought that I could shine a light, and identify a teenager from the neighborhood, who I've only ever seen from driving past the bus stop is a stretch. And even if I did identify them, they had better prove that they are not a threat real quickly.

I'm too old, weak, and fat to think that I can wrestle someone to the ground in my own home, half asleep, in my underwear. Thankfully the law here in NC allows me to stop a situation before it gets to that.
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