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I think I've posted this story here before, but it fits in this thread...

I am a very heavy sleeper, but I have taught myself to listen while I sleep. If a door opens, my (fire)pager trips ect I snap awake. Laying in bed one saturday morning, I snapped awake because I heard our front door open and close. When I jumped, my wife woke up. I told her to call 911, that somebody was in the house, and grabbed my gun. She kept saying that nobody was there. I was convinced other wise, I started to advance down my hallway, right before I got to the living room, I heard my phone ring. My wife answered it, and yelled for me to stop, our friends had let themselves in and were in the living room. Then I called, out their names and they responded. Not sure if that story would have had a different ending or not. They said they called on the phone, 1. To distract me, and 2, they didn't want to make a loud noise for fear I would come around the corner blazing.
In bed, according to prophesy.
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