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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
I may need to admit that I was wrong.

You're somewhat logical (actually your defense of your faith has never really bothered me), it usually boils down to when I ask if you can understand why other people have chosen a different path/faith/religion than you.

I get people believe in what they believe in, but what drives me nuts is when people are so closedminded about someone elses beleifs and how they think theirs are the only way and that person must change.

I have my beleifs, you have yours, I see nothing wrong with my having my beliefs and you having yours. You're welcome to have yours, I'm welcome to have mine. I realize that my beleifs are not the only way to get through life and end up in a good place when I die. Hopefully you can do the same.....for Abe, well, I don't think he is logical enough to do the same.
That's kind of the problem though. According to my faith the only way to 'a good place' (mostly because the opposite of which is a bad place) is through Jesus Christ. I understand that everybody has the right to have that choice. I just try my best to point them to what I, in all honest and truth, believe to be the only way to heaven.

Teller, from Pen and Teller, said it very well. I'll paraphrase but basically, he said you shouldn't find it offensive if Christians share thier faith or even try to get you to accept it as your own because that is proof that they care about you and where they believe your soul is going.

That is the driving force behind the gospel.

Originally Posted by firehawk View Post
Are you just the resident christian spokesperson or do you actually offroad?
That's funny. You think people on here have to off road .

I used to have a lifted truck and took it off road every once in a while. I've since started a family; started working, on salary, for a non-profit organization (I don't make that much) and don't have the time to pursue a sport I think I would really enjoy.

I target shoot a recurve bow, I love walking to work through the forest (I work at a Christian Camp and live on grounds), I teach kids how to build fires, structures, relationships and memories. I love the outdoors and love serving God through his creation.

Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
We were born with sin because of Adam and Eve's original sin. God has since then been trying to (and had a plan to before) to restore us to our pre-sin state. You may think that we have to work to get rid of the sin in our lives, we don't. Christ did that on the cross.

God came to us to take care of the sin we put on our selves. No other mainstream religion has the deity do all the work. Especially Islam. The only step the Christian has to take is to accept what Christ did and turn around from the life they lived before.

AND, even if we screw that up, God still shows us grace; Time, after time, after time. Also a attribute most Deities do not share with Yahweh.
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