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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post

You're asking someone who has faith, which by definition, is the belief in things unseen, to give you logical (I tend to think more tangable) reasons to believe in God. Do you see the flaw in that?

When ever we try and give you reasons for why we believe in God you say we're stupid and ignorant. Do you understand why we may shy away from that?

I'll give it a go. I'll try to stay logical. Bear with me.

I believe what I believe for many reasons. I will be completely honest and say that one of those reasons is because of my up bringing. My dad's a Pastor, I grew up in church. It only makes sense that I would believe in God because of that. However, even in that thinking (hopefully logically thinking still) there is a flaw. A majority of Kids who are 'church' kids loose thier faith when they go away from thier parents. Why is this? More so, why would only certain people not loose thier faith?

My parents have made it abundantly clear that they would accept me if I didn't believe in God. But I still do. Not only that, but I've made plenty of steps of faith on my own that prove, to me, that it is my faith and my faith alone.

I also want to point out that my dad and I often get into debates on theological subjects that we don't match up on. Do you find it odd, with the "well you were raised that way and you're brainwashed" mentality, that I believe differently then my father does?

Anywho, On to why I believe. I have seen, with my own eyes (tangable proof to me), why God is real. For a logical person it would make sense to believe in something they've seen proof for. To a person just as logical who has not seen that proof it would appear as though that person is not logical. This is the major problem with our discussion. This is why we say "we can't really explain it intill you've experienced it".

The thing is, If I told you the ways God has reveled himself to me, they may not work for you. You have to have the experience by yourself and God will tailor fit it to you, where you are, and make it exactly what you need.

I will give you one example. When it comes to skill sets, I'm a mutt. I've had probably close to 15 jobs in my 27 years of life. I've been a grounds keeper, a night janitor, a pizza maker, a light designer, a sound engineer, a IT nerd, a Meijer associate, a set builder, a apprentice in one union, a camp counselor and now I'm a Camp administrator. Most of those jobs just fell into my lap. I didn't strive for them, I didn't play cut throat games to get to them. I've also been offered, at every single one, an open door to come back.

What they've allowed me to become is a sort of jack of all trades for the job that I believe God has Called me to. I believe that God put me in those jobs because he knew exactly what I needed to know to be where I am right now. Do I know everything? No, but I know that God has tailor fit me into the place I am to serve him.

Personally I'm not trying to convert anybody. I'm trying to get you guys to understand why we believe what we believe and how the bible isn't quite as flawed as you (or the skeptics bible) think it may be.
I may need to admit that I was wrong.

You're somewhat logical (actually your defense of your faith has never really bothered me), it usually boils down to when I ask if you can understand why other people have chosen a different path/faith/religion than you.

I get people believe in what they believe in, but what drives me nuts is when people are so closedminded about someone elses beleifs and how they think theirs are the only way and that person must change.

I have my beleifs, you have yours, I see nothing wrong with my having my beliefs and you having yours. You're welcome to have yours, I'm welcome to have mine. I realize that my beleifs are not the only way to get through life and end up in a good place when I die. Hopefully you can do the same.....for Abe, well, I don't think he is logical enough to do the same.
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