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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
As a Christian I can tell you that it is logical to others that believe in God but to people like yourself that don't, it would be illogical which is expected. It is logical for you to think of it as illogical, if that makes sence?
Non-believers that read the bible do get confused by its contents because it is written for people that believe in God. That is why it is called the Living Word of God because it comes to life for believers, it becomes relevent in our lives.
To non-believers it is just foolishness, which you have already said, it makes no sence to you.
God reveals His word and what it means to people who accept His word as truth.
I can and do have normal and logical discussions with people that do not have a belief in anything or even people that have different faiths. I guess I tend to look at people with different beliefs as not being normal. I see the belief in Jesus and Christianity as normal and to be the only truth that can be relied opon as truth that we can count on.
Scenario: I could meet you at a store, swap meet, gun show etc. and strike up a conversation and leave Jesus out of it and find common ground between us.
So the next time you meet a total stranger, it could be me just waiting for an opportunity to introduce you to Jesus
Or not,
just waiting for God to open that door of opportunity to share what He would have to say to you.
So then, you're kind of saying that trying to use the bible to convert a non-believer wouldn't make much sense, then, right? ...since you just said that you have to already believe it, for it to make sense.
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