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Originally Posted by SS View Post
Fixed it for ya.
You mean a council that set out to make the 'holy scriptures' more focused on the most important event of that faith? Is that so bad?

Jesus was a humble, loving, caring man who almost everybody could identify with and the State, or the religious leaders (pretty close to the same thing), decided to kill him and got away with it and you're saying they planned on painting them selves in that negative light?

Well, IMO, they did a pretty crappy job. If I were them I would have made Jesus to be a horrible person and would have used my political ways to make my self, as a religious leader (or politician), look even better then I thought I was.

Not only that, But I'd make sure to remove the part where the Main character calls me and my associates a brood of vipers, calls us out for our extreme falseness and makes us look like fools on multiple occasions. But I'm sure your idea is way more logical because you don't believe in the fairy tales.
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