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I've never seen numbers on what is acceptable, but I wonder why you are worried about pinion oiling when you plan to run near 0 caster since it isn't a driver. Most people are worried about pinion oiling at higher speeds, not trail conditions.

Have you done any math or real world testing to see how much turning you will lose? (I haven't) Do you know that your tires won't get into your links or springs before you hit the stops, and that isn't your limiting factor?

Originally Posted by 974x4Taco View Post
I have read and read and read and still have some questions.

First off the axle is getting cut apart so i can set these angles anyway they need to be.

First the pinion....i read that 14 degrees is the max angle...after some measuring i was shooting for 12....should be fine correct?

Now for the real question i cant get a answer on.....caster....i know everyone sats 4-6* and i understand why....but here is the thing....the closer to 0 the tighter your turning circle so is there any reason on a offroad only rig like my Toyota that i can't set it down around 2* and take advantage of the tighter steering since handling at speed on the road is not a issue? Or will not turn that much better and i should just go 4-6 like everyone else?

Any help would be appreciated
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