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Default Setting caster and pinion angle on a hp60

I have read and read and read and still have some questions.

First off the axle is getting cut apart so i can set these angles anyway they need to be.

First the pinion....i read that 14 degrees is the max angle...after some measuring i was shooting for 12....should be fine correct?

Now for the real question i cant get a answer on.....caster....i know everyone sats 4-6* and i understand why....but here is the thing....the closer to 0 the tighter your turning circle so is there any reason on a offroad only rig like my Toyota that i can't set it down around 2* and take advantage of the tighter steering since handling at speed on the road is not a issue? Or will not turn that much better and i should just go 4-6 like everyone else?

Any help would be appreciated
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