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Then buy new gears and install kit and have a professional set them up.

Not looking for perfect but I'm looking for the best out of what i have. I don't want to throw it together, I want to learn to set up the gears, and looking for advice on that. using the old shim from this housing even if i did have it does not make sense, I have changed the carrier and the gears, It would be nice to work off off but I wouldn't just put the shim in and call it good. Next time I build an axle or re-gear these there is no doubt I'm going to buy new gears, this is too much of a pain in the ass, but I'm not giving up now. I won't have someone else set them up either.

I had simular issues with my 44, all you can do is take your time and do it right. Have you come up with any reference points yet to work from?

I don't know what you mean by a reference point. I can add shims from where I am. i have my smallest shim in the axle right now, its .008. I can work from the .018 shim by adding, but the pattern wear patterns I get don't make sense in reference to gear setup wear patterns I see online, most likely because they are used gears. I may have a shim in between .010 and .018 also, but the pattern between those does not show much of a difference.

The only thing I can thing of is just keep adding shims until I can shim it out any more in every combination, until I get a good pattern, and if i don't I can choose the best out of the pictures I take. Unless the last 3 look any decent, only thing i can do is add shim, or maybe buy a different shim kit.

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