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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
So you can accept proven science, but not theoretical science yet you can accept a bunch of stories written in a old ass book that aren't proven?
Most of those stories, real or not, have a great deal of wisdom in them. I choose to believe those stories to be true. There us a great deal of understanding in both sciences and enjoy applying them to what that old book of crazy stories has to say. It usually lines up with the findings in the science. My concern isn't in the beginning of those stories anyhow. I have a faith that doesn't require me to need any other purpose then to glorify the God who loves me.

Originally Posted by silveradoboy View Post
You are missing the teaching of Original sin, that we are born with according to Catholicism. Confirmation is where the child makes his or her own decision to accept Christ
He wasn't missing it, as far I know, he's not Catholic. I really don't like this subject b because it's emotional however, nowhere in the Bible does an infant become baptized. Baptism is only an outward showing of an inward change. It isn't a magical event that fire proofs the child. I have no idea what God does with those children tatty pass away early but my hope is that he shows the mercy he showed us all in those situations. Baptism does not save us though, Christ does.

And to be honest, I was baptized as a baby and I appreciate my parents doing so but I see the event as a promise to God to raise the child up inn the Christian faith. More of a dedication. As much as I would love for my father to baptize my children, I'm waiting for them to make that choice themselves.
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