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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
It's obvious you haven't looked into it very far. You heard a news blurb, dismissed it along with the rest of the science, and went back to believing the ridiculous stories out of the bible.
Look, I accept proven science. I do not accept science that can't be completely proven. Like the big bang, when it comes to any origin theories or myths (and those two can pretty much be interchanged in this case) none of us have a clue. People of Faith look towards their scripture. Science looks at observations they can see from our minute, insignificant, not even worth comparison point of view. We can't even look at our universe in more then one way becuse of the size of the thing. It would be like watching a basket ball game with a beam in the way. All the observations you make are going to be, at least, half wrong because your view is obscured by a beam. Sure, you could change seats in the basket ball game but even our farthest reaching probes haven't even come close to getting out of our 'seat' in the universe.

As a person of Faith I can at least admit that I don't know everything and, believe it or not, I don't have to be right. Time and time agian I tell you guys that I'm just trying to share a world view that differs from yours and you constantly tell me it's wrong but when I call you out you say I'm closed minded. It's Bull.

Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
I just attended my month old niece's baptism and got to hear the pastor refer to her as a miserable sinner and that she deserved eternal punishment. Then they asked her, the baby, a bunch of questions about what she believed and then everyone in the church answered for her. Messed up...
Infant Baptism is not mentioned anywhere in the scripture. I was baptized as a baby and didn't accept it when I became an adult and got re-baptized. Recognizing one is a sinner and wanting to turn away from that sin is the main reason you have a baptismal service BTW. So every person who was a believer understood that. Once again, Different world view, different understanding of thier standing with God. It's not "messed up" if you actually take the time to listen to people who try to explain it to you and understand thier faith instead of ridicule it.
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