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Originally Posted by camccardell View Post
course that could be said about a lot of people.

Been a sprint customer for 10 years. The dead spots that I had 10 years ago are still here.

No network upgrades are ever done. There is no 4g in Michigan whatsoever....

Just renewed my contract for another 2 years. Dumb me I guess. Person at the store said that the bill will stay the same.

Wrong! Lost my 23% discount that I previously had.

Also charged me an additional $10 per line for having a smart phone, even though I had one before I renewed. WTF

There is NO 4g service in this state and I am constantly dropping calls.

Called customer support and talked to account services. They agreed to adjust my bill for the life of the contract. Next bill comes... same ol crap.

No accountability, and constantly being lied to. What a way to run a business.

They love to tell you how they are upgrading towers and what not, yet nothing ever seems to get better here.

Wish I would have went with VZ. At least they have 4g everywhere I travel to.

Might just have to pay the stupid penalty and drop em.

Just needed to let off some steam. Going to drink some beer, End of rant!
Couple of things, if you still work for the same employer you can get your discount back. Go into a corporate store and tell them you need to validate your discount. There is a new process to avoid fraud. Or you can verify it at Upgrades to the network have started and are being added at a very aggressive rate. Sprint is behind when it comes to LTE for sure. But there are many LTE towers up all over. They are not "official" yet but they are popping up all over. I was driving back from Lansing on 96 and had it about 4 different spots and it's becoming readily available in GR. those are the places I am most. It won't be long and they will have a solid network. Hope that helps.
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