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Originally Posted by Mr.Green again View Post
Basically, most recycling is government suplimented which means that it can not stand on its own. It costs more $ and requires more resources than it saves. Bottom line is if someone wont pay you for it it probably isnt worth recycling. Most papers and plastics are a good example. Land fills are not a problem, they do not polute the water systems and they actually produce power. We have plenty of room for them. People recycle because it makes them feel better. There should be more of a focus on re-using materials and reducing packaging materials. Milk should come in glass bottles, potatoe chips should come in metal containers, water should come from a faucet, zip lock bags should be glass bowls with lids, etc. Recycling is not the answer and is actually a problem in most cases..
Pieces of crap like you are what is killing this earth! How dare you even call yourself "green"!!!
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