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Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
Svante Pääbo has tested more than 70 Neanderthal specimens. Preliminary DNA sequencing from a 38,000-year-old bone fragment of a femur found at Vindija Cave, Croatia, in 1980 showed Neanderthals and modern humans share about 99.5% of their DNA. From mtDNA analysis estimates, the two species shared a common ancestor about 500,000 years ago. An article[60] appearing in the journal Nature has calculated the species diverged about 516,000 years ago, whereas fossil records show a time of about 400,000 years ago.[61] A 2007 study pushes the point of divergence back to around 800,000 years ago.[62]

find me some evidence in god. i have more than proven the fact that humans have been around for 400,000 years. why would i believe something that is written in a book with no facts when there are tons of facts supporting the other side?
You have not proven anything but copied a bunch of stuff making claims that man has been around for hundreds of thousands of years.
The science says different. You have heard of radiometric dating?
These numbers say different.
Laboratory research has shown that the radioactive decay of Carbon-14 occurs in a half-life of 5,730±40 years through beta decay that causes the Carbon-14 to revert back to Nitrogen-14. That means that starting with one pound of 100% Carbon-14, half of it would decay in 5,730 years, leaving 50%, or half a pound. Then, in another 5,730 years, a second decay period would occur, leaving one quarter of a pound. The process would continue, halving the amount left every 5,730 years until, theoretically, nothing remained of the original pound.
I'm just using science not my book.
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