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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
Are you all of a sudden a world renowned archaeologist and know how many fossils there should be and shouldn't be? Ever think that a lot of them have either not been found yet, or get "absorbed" back into the Earth? Even you should understand the dust to dust, ashes to ashes crap.

Fossils take time and the right conditions to occur. Think of how many have been lost due to mining, construction, etc. Think of all the animals that die, and we don't have piles of skeletons everywhere. The skeleton has to remain intact and then be preserved. Otherwise, bone can decompose and be lost.

It's pretty obvious humans have been on this Earth a really long time. There are transitional fossils that exist, and that doesn't mean we are going to find every skeleton fossilized for every human or "pre-human" that walked the Earth.
Not anymore then you are a world renowned theologian when it comes to talking about a faith.

I under stand that we don't have that many fossils because of decomposition. I just don't understand the lack of those pivotal fossils. A couple of years ago they found Alice, or whatever, and every evolutionary scientist jizzed in their pants. That shows me they don't have many examples.

Ultimately I could care less. I accept that we adapt. I just choose to believe in I the God aside.
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