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[QUOTE=chadcooper55;3339835]come on aber you are really starting to grasp at straws when presented with facts. find 1 FACT that proves that god exists besides a book that is written by man. find one FACT that disproves the stuff that i have posted tonight.

if you were not brought up ever hearing about god and were presented with the FACTS that both sides have what would you believe?[/QUOTE]

Actually I was brought not knowing about God or going to church. I did however go to school and evolution was taught. The exact stuff you present me with I was taught.
I did believe as you and everybody else that was taught the theroy of evolution.
I then learned about what was not taught in school. Lets just say the light bulb went off in my head.
After examining the facts I have come to the conclusion about the young earth, and it being approx 6000 years old.
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