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dog farts are the worst!!
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Originally Posted by hightech View Post
Give her lots of love
she gets lots of love! she is the first dog I have ever had so she has a special place in my heart, my wife and her kids love her very much also. I got her from a shelter when she was around 6 mo. and she in 9 yrs now.

Originally Posted by marshall View Post
i was hoping she was born with three eyes before i looked at the pics. thats crazy, i have never seen a blind dog before
blind dogs actually can do very well on their own, even better with help from their humans. she does really awesome, better than I was ever expecting when we realized she would be blind some day. when she lost her first eye the eye doctor told us we would have between 3-31 months before the other eye would go, she made it 33 months.

Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
I hope puppy has a good quality of life even if she is blind. Animals take this kind of thing far better than humans.
She still has a great quality of life! She loves walks, plays with her toys still and loves just laying in the grass in the sunshine! and she still loves the water!

I was a real wreck when I thought about how she would be when she finally went blind. She was very skittish and fearful of new people when she could see, I thought she might end up in a corner just trembling and cowering if she could not see. It had to be about her Q.O.L. not what I wanted, so I decided she would have to be put down if it came to that because that is no Q.O.L. for any animal.

Luckily she came through it with a never quit attitude and she is actually less fearful not being able to see than she was when she could

She is less afraid now of things and people that creeped her out before.
I could not have asked for a better outcome other than her not loosing the eyes in the first place.

and yes she took it all a lot better than I did
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