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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
I thought that revelation may give you encouragement to know that we understand that things can change.

Why are we not seeing more proof of Transitional Fossils in the Fossil record? There should be a bountiful amount of them but there isn't.

Any fact that I would bring to you would be anecdotal, based on my experiences. I would say that if you realize how complex this world is, which is something that science does for me, you would realize how amazing someone would have to be to design it that way. I'm not trying to prove God. I'm trying to show you guys a different world view so you can possibly understand why Christians believe what they do.

DNA, It may have been different but we still don't the transitional fossils where a Fish turns into a lizard. For that to work there would have to be a large amount of that transitional species (because if thier traits gave them a better ability to survive, there should be more of them), But there isn't.
Are you all of a sudden a world renowned archaeologist and know how many fossils there should be and shouldn't be? Ever think that a lot of them have either not been found yet, or get "absorbed" back into the Earth? Even you should understand the dust to dust, ashes to ashes crap.

Fossils take time and the right conditions to occur. Think of how many have been lost due to mining, construction, etc. Think of all the animals that die, and we don't have piles of skeletons everywhere. The skeleton has to remain intact and then be preserved. Otherwise, bone can decompose and be lost.

It's pretty obvious humans have been on this Earth a really long time. There are transitional fossils that exist, and that doesn't mean we are going to find every skeleton fossilized for every human or "pre-human" that walked the Earth.

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