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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
Ok you know that we cannot prove that God exists, but you cannot prove that he does not exist.

I don't think anybody here is trying to prove that god doesn't exist. I could be wrong. It would probably seem like a waste of time to most people, to try and disprove something they don't believe to be real in the first place.

We have the wind, we can feel the wind and see its effects but we cannot see the wind.


As for the bible being written by man you are correct, but it is God inspired.
How can man put together the bible over a period of, I might be wrong here but I think it was over 1500 years and spaning thousands of miles apart. This book all coming together to relate the message it gives. From OT to NT God lays out His plan for humanity.

Are you asking how stories can be passed down and put together into a book? Hmm, how do you suppose any other world religion/myths were put together?

As for the stuff you posted, I don't have time right now but I can tell you they used a dating method of the rocks where they found the artifacts and came up with those numbers. Just like they dated the rock from Mount Saint Helens volcano eruption to be hundreds of thousands of years and we all know that it erupted in the 80's. The dating method is flawed.

If you actually want to know more about dating and why it's important to use specific types of dating in specific situations and have multiple dating procedures to improve accuracy, go here: , but I don't think you actually care since you're talking point fit your narrative.

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