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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
Making stories up is not a valid explanation. We do not have explanations for everything as humans, but that doesn't meant things need to be substituted in there just to have an explanation. Humans in general have a hard time accepting that there is no explanation for things. We desire explanations and reasoning, even when they don't exist we seem to need them for us to accept things that happen.

It was only but a few centuries ago you were considered a heretic if you believed the Sun was at the center of our galaxy, and that the world was round.

What we can't explain now, we may never explain. Throughout history, we have come to understand our world more and more which has slowly replaced religious explanations for our world. Thinking that only religion can answer these questions and that it will never change is foolish.
I think very few xtians would think that anymore. I think you'll also find that is possibly the reason it has lasted so long is because of that. The core to the gospel is in the faith of the person. It can change. unless you can disprove he gospel with science it won't be going anywhere.

Personally, I think science does an amazing job showing how intricate God made creation.

Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
So where did God come from?
Originally Posted by Ebs View Post
I agree with you here. You cannot have something from nothing, I think both religious and non-religious types would agree with that idea.

So if someone believed a chain of natural reactions occurred (the big bang, or whatever), how did those first pieces of the puzzle get there to start things off? Using that same idea, if there was a creator who made everything, how did he get there, where did he come from?

I think it comes down to having faith in something. There has to be something eternal. I find itkind of ironic that some that believe in the scientific route think it is ignorant to believe in the God route.

I hate my phone btw.
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