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Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
Ok. Atheism IS a thought process.


It's a process of logic, deductive reasoning, and critical thinking.

(That is a better description of science.)

I respect and admire all of that but for me, I don't think atheism has all the answers. I can align myself more with the atheist point of veiw more than most other religious logic. Before you get your godless panties bunched up, I am not refering to atheism as a religion, only the thought processed used by religions.

You're reading way more into atheism than there is. An atheist doesn't believe in god. That's it.

We may need to agree to disagree since you're not really getting it.

People have many reasons to not believe in god, some for pretty reasonable reasons, some for really off the wall reasons. Both sets of people are atheists because they don't believe in god, however since one group doesn't us logic or deductive reasoning, would you disagree that they are atheists?

Basically, what I'm saying, is that atheist is simply a label to describe someone who doesn't believe in god. Many atheists are champions of science and employ skepticism, but it isn't a requirement of the label.

Since it is merely a label and not a philosophy, there is no atheist "point of view" espousing that atheism has all the answers. Atheism in itself has no answers, it is merely the lack of a belief in a god.
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