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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
Respectfully Disagree. Not believing in something doesn't assign a person a specific thought process. Do people who don't believe in trolls have a specific thought process? How about people who don't believe in ghosts?

Also, you obviously don't quite grasp atheism, if you're calling it a belief system. It is a label for people who DON'T believe in one specific thing. Also, it's quite silly to tell somebody that a label that describes ONE thing that they DON'T believe in describes their other beliefs. It doesn't. Atheists can and do believe in all kinds of things. An atheist can not believe in god, yet believe in pseudo science, or aliens, or whatever. Saying someone is an atheist doesn't mean that they are automatically a champion of science or anything else. It simply means they do not subscribe to the belief of a god or gods for whatever reason.
Nobody I know believes that trolls or ghosts were the creators of the world and control who gets in to the afterlife. Telling someone that believes that god created the universe that you do not believe in god is making a major statement about your belief of the purpose of our very existence.

Threw out all of recorded human history most cultures have had some creation myth that involved some supernatural being. to say that you do not believe in any of them certainly involves a different thought process.
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