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Calling your post an attempt at Drama was in poor form on my part. I apologize. It just kinda struck me that since I haven't seen you post in forever, this post struck me as someone who hasn't been around but took the chance to poke at the pro-gun crowd. If it wasn't, then I was wrong.

Now, regarding the gun shows, I consider that a far different situation than general carry. I will not make the arguement that every swinging hillbilly is as safe as he should be. But, when comparing it to concealed carry, it's night and day difference. Concealed carry means you have gone through a class that includes legal issues, safe gun handling and hands on shooting. I am not worried one bit about a person with a CPL. Nor am I worried about a person Open Carrying in public. But, at a gun show, a person can bring in any form of gun and although they "THINK" they have unloaded the weapon prior, people have been mistaken and accidents can happen. Hell, we've all seen the video of the cop shooting his gun in a classroom environment.

Keep this in mind. While either open or concealed carry, you NEVER unholster your weapon in public unless in a life or death situation. But, at a gun show, people are handling weapons for sale, checking to see if accessories fit, racking slides to check quality of the weapon, etc. Totally different. Even a guy who doesn't think he will unholster may end up doing so because he has a potential sale that he never envisioned.

Looking at it a different way, I can't speak for all, but most gun stores do not want you unholstering a loaded weapon in the store. If it's holstered, keep it there. If you want to take it out to discuss something with the gun store clerk, you are supposed to unload it before bringing it in the store.

So, loaded weapons at a gun show environment are far different than in the general public.

RE GLFWDA, I totally agree, it should be removed. However, since I am rebel that irritates the leadership, I won't bring it up. Feel free.
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