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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
This subject was discussed in great depth on the GLFWDA forum probably 8 years ago. First of all, GLFWDA has no jurisdiction over a person or their vehicle while on state land. Second, it falls under the state laws of preemption that says no local government body can restrict gun laws to a lesser extent than state laws. So, it is an out of date non issue. I suggested years ago that the rule be struck from the GLFWDA rules but no one wanted to step up to it. Bottom line, neither you or GLFWDA can tell me what I can or cannot have in my vehicle or supersede a state law.

As far as respecting GLFWDA, I'll put it this way. GLFWDA is not the governing body that dictates what I can and cannot carry. The constitution and 2nd amendment is.

To your other attempt at Drama, I do not know where the rule for gun shows comes from. I don't know if it is dictated by the gun shows or a law. But, I don't have a problem with it as there are hundreds of guns and thousands of people there and not everyone is as safe handling a gun in tight quarters as we might like. I can pretty much assure you that if a person started a mass shooting in a gun show, many of the people selling would lock and load and eliminate the problem in short order.
Jim, not sure why you would call either of my posts an attempt at . I take offense to that (well, not really).

My post about the gun shows was valid in the context of this thread. It is a place that restricts legal carry. This is something that is across the country so it would not be dictated by the state. I would assume that each individual gun show makes the restriction probably for the reason you state. And it is exaclty what Kerry asked for, valid links to places that restrict gun owners rights to legal carry so that she can avoid doing business with those that oppose her view.
Funny though, how you do not have a problem with that restriction because of the possibility of someone not handling a gun properly, but you choose no restriction anywhere else, even if the same condition of poor handling abilities exist.

Also, pointing out what GLFWDA has on thier webstie is also valid since it is on the website. My understanding was the check list was to be applied to all before allowing participation on a trail ride. I also know that the gun part of it was debated. But it still has not been removed which makes it pertinent for this conversation.

Now, my personal opinion is the same as yours. GLFWDA should not stick thier noses into what I carry as a personal item in my Jeep. Safety features that affect others during the course of driving, yes, but not personal items.

Restricting guns because of the fear that some may not be able to handle those guns in a situation (ie. gun shows) is something I think is up to the individual, business and location. If they choose to err on the side of caution I will still do business with them. I will not allow this particular stnad to change my mind. I will continue to go to Gun Shows, Bass Pro shop, GLFWDA trail rides (if my Jeep is ever road worthy again) and BW3.

btw, I rarely go to BW3 any more because they are just too expensive.
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