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This subject was discussed in great depth on the GLFWDA forum probably 8 years ago. First of all, GLFWDA has no jurisdiction over a person or their vehicle while on state land. Second, it falls under the state laws of preemption that says no local government body can restrict gun laws to a lesser extent than state laws. So, it is an out of date non issue. I suggested years ago that the rule be struck from the GLFWDA rules but no one wanted to step up to it. Bottom line, neither you or GLFWDA can tell me what I can or cannot have in my vehicle or supersede a state law.

As far as respecting GLFWDA, I'll put it this way. GLFWDA is not the governing body that dictates what I can and cannot carry. The constitution and 2nd amendment is.

To your other attempt at Drama, I do not know where the rule for gun shows comes from. I don't know if it is dictated by the gun shows or a law. But, I don't have a problem with it as there are hundreds of guns and thousands of people there and not everyone is as safe handling a gun in tight quarters as we might like. I can pretty much assure you that if a person started a mass shooting in a gun show, many of the people selling would lock and load and eliminate the problem in short order.
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