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Fracking is the methodology that makes massive (and by "massive", I mean, a 150-year supply - factoring in growth and uses like CNG vehicles - that is bigger than Saudi Arabia was when it was discovered) deposits of natural gas located in the United can be economically accessed. Other methods do not work as well, or at all.

Obviously, like any invasive action, fracking requires care to be taken and controls to be in place - just like it is for mining, quarrying, conventional drilling, etc...

That large element of our society that is disconnected from how the things we eat and use come from and believes that we could power our whole economy and lives using sporadic wind turbines (that require tax subsidies just to be "high priced") fears fracking because of what COULD happen. They view all business (except Apple and others who pay million$ to shape their public personas) as evil-doers, looking to contaminate the earth to make a buck. C'mon - Matt Damon said so.
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