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Fracking is the process of pumping a slurry of sand ,typically 30x50 mesh or 40x70 mesh, into the ground it high pressure, up to 6000 psi, to open up fissures in the ground extract oil and natural gas trapped in once inaccessible ‘tight’ rock formations. Fracking takes place typically a mile below the earth’s surface and thousands of feet below the water table. Its a good question to ask if your considering your property.

People fear 3 things.
1. Air pollution.
2. Water table contamination
3. Earthquakes

Any time you deal with sand blowing in the wind air pollution will be existent but... Strict guidelines on how the sand is used and air pollution is tightly monitored. The big oil companys do not want to make people angry and will invest millions on methods to keep air pollution down.

Actual fracking takes place below the water line it has not been proven to this day that fracking has affected the water table. Many think by fracking under the water table it will releases residual chlorine which is combined with ammonia into the ground water.

Earthquakes are not caused by fracking it is caused by how the company disposes waste water. Drillers inject it into deep wells underground, as deep as 13,000 feet below the surface. If the disposal well is near a fault line then earthquakes could occur.

Check out this video its pro frac but so am i so here

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