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Default school me on Fracing? and why doesn't FB like anyone discussing it?

or Fracking? I don't know much about it, have seen a couple people debating it, but what's most curious to me is how FB doesn't like you to use the word.

Call me a tin foil hat wearer if you wish, but I was curious so I tried a little test.

First I linked to an article about Waterford Twp, which mentions Fracing...

the article link appears like anything else, but the link doesn't seem to work for those I've talked to.

test 2 - if I add either work Fracing, or Fracking to the message as I post it nothing appears to anyone, except it shows up on my own wall, no where else...

So what does this mean? I have absolutely no idea.
That's why I'm bringing it to the all knowing GL4x4 to discuss.

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