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Originally Posted by disturbedsledneck View Post
^ This.

I will say I will not run Amsoil based on all that I've read and my own personal oil sample analysis'. I pulled samples out of several different diesel pick-ups. I'm no chemical engineer, but I compared Ams to Rotella T, T6, and Chevron Delo LE and was very disappointed in it. Amsoil is way overpriced and its quality doesn't even compare to much more affordable, straight dino oil like Delo LE.
I had my local Amsoil rep tell me he had a guy with a Duramax that is up to 80,000 miles on his diesel oil. He keeps getting the oil analyzed and as long as the lab says its good, he changes the filter and keeps running it. WOW! This was on a DPF engine too, where fuel dilution is a big problem. Poor engine!

I run Rotella T6 in mine. Awesome stuff, and only $20/gallon. I do my analysis testing too, and its always good. Last change / sample was at 12,000 miles, most of which were hard towing and it still looked great. The Mobil 1 TDT was not so good.
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