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Originally Posted by bbaXJ View Post
No they don't. My dad has a 2012 Focus 5 door hatchback with an auto and he regularly gets 35+mpg in mixed driving and has seen 42mpg in long stretches of highway driving. Nice cars and they do very well on fuel. My 01 with a 5 speed averages about 30mpg mixed driving, but the older ones aren't as efficient and I drive pretty aggressively.

Yes, the 40 mpg claim is a lie. I've gotten it in both of my fuckus's on VERY rare occasion. My 5 speed got better mileage than the auto does. The auto averages about 31 mpg in the winter, and 33-34 in the summer, fenton to pontiac and back daily. Mostly on 75 or rural roads doing 45-55 mph.

I got over 40 mpg in both cars going across ohio on 2 lane rural highways with varying speed limits of 50-65 mph. The exact same stretch of road where I was able to pull down over 21 mpg in my superduty.

Anywhere in michigan I drove at 70 mph the best highway trip I could muster was in the 35-38 mpg range. Typically 34-35.

That said, I still think for the money the focus is a decent economy car.
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