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Originally Posted by bbaXJ View Post
It can still be done having both AND saving money. I drive 80 miles roundtrip everyday for work, probably average closer to 100 total. I still need a truck for hauling stuff and all the other crap you guys are probably all aware of yourselves. I bought a $3000 Focus in the beginning of May and it paid for itself by the end of the year even with the added insurance. MUCH cheaper gas, cheaper maintenance, etc. An expensive car and an expensive truck doesn't make fiscal sense(been there, done that), but an inexpensive reliable car can save you lots of money. Plus in my case since I'm no longer driving the truck nearly as much, I was able to step down to a much cheaper truck that'll still do what I need it to. Still would've been ahead of the game even with the expensive truck. but this way I'm that much further ahead.
This is pretty much what I am suggesting to ShooterUnbuilt. If he REALLY wants to save money then buy a $5000 car, sell his truck (which I dont think he needs??) or if he is convinved that he needs a truck, maybe he doesnt need a 4x4 extended cab super duty. I dont know the details of his truck, but it is big and nice. My guess is he could save $10,000 right off the bat by downgrading his truck or selling it. If you do the math, saving 10 mpg on gas takes a long time to make up for $5000 + monthly insurance, maintainance, etc on an additional car.
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