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Originally Posted by SS View Post
Is there any reason as to why you completely ignored a first hand account of the sawdust fix working temporarily in not just a truck transmission but in a heavy duty application that involved a turbo diesel in one of the largest SUVs on the market Nuggets?
Yes there is. As a person who has performed research chemistry, I have been trained to be a critical thinker. As a person who has written scientific reports and has had his work publish in a scientific journal, I have to be sure everything I present is fully explainable or risk being mercilessly picked apart by my peers. With that taken into account and my 33+ years working with and repairing mechanical things, I am having a hard time figuring out the EXACT process that happens when sawdust, introduced into a fluid filled high precision mechanical device works, even if it is a short term repair. Lastly, with the advent of the internet, people have been spreading disinformation and outright lies extremely efficiently. Examples being chain letters, perpetual motion systems, miracle fuel milage contraptions (I love the notion of moleculare fuel aligner myself.), false reports of celeberty deaths, and much much more.

So in summary, even though you may have had some first hand accounts of the sawdust fix, I am skeptical of it because there may be other factors involved that allowed the transmission to become temporarily operational. Since nobody has been able to explain the exact process sawdust works to resurrect a failing precision mechanical/hydraulic device, I will remain skeptical until someone can explain, or I do the tecnique myself and observe positive results. That is why I have trouble accepting first hand accounts of anything.

Please prove me wrong, I will not get upset. I am just the kind of person that doesn't believe in magic sawdust fairies who have mad repair skills.

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