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Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
There IS an Atheist thought process, don't be ashamed of it. As a Deist, I believe the universe is alive, a living thing per se. I also believe the thing that is the universe (I don't asign human like characteristics or gender to it) does not really get involved with with us nor do we have to kiss it's ass for good things to happen. I just don't believe that the Universe as a whole is an inanimate object(s) just floating around interacting with no real cause or purpose. I also don't believe 100% in the Big Bang Theory. It is a theory and is subject to change as new evidence arrises and I'm comfortable with that.

I understand atheism is a complete lack of religion and that's ok. I also understand Atheists form a complete cross section of the general population, good and bad. Be comfortable with your belief system (yes, it IS a belief system even if it lacks magic cloud men). You try to pigeon hole people who are not from a major religious group into rigid definitions, let it go. If you wish, you can call me an Atheist or Diest, or even mashed potatos for all I care. I'm comfortable about my line of thinking and my conceived definitions of it. There is no shame in your beliefs as I feel there is no shame in mine. One thing I don't do is try to convert people to my way of thinking. I just present what I believe in without trying to convince people they should think just like me. That's not to say I will not drag a religious person down and beat them with their own book of faith should they say I must think like they do or I am a bad person. I hate misinformation presented as facts.

Oh well, the true answer will be known when we die. I, like you believe that when we die, we just simply do not exist anymore. No Heaven, no Hell, just a situation that is the same as before we were conceived.

Also, I'm trying to keep everything civil in this there per OP's request. I love talking about religion and debunking things presented as fact or a scewed logic process. I have a field day when Johova's witnesses come to my door.
Respectfully Disagree. Not believing in something doesn't assign a person a specific thought process. Do people who don't believe in trolls have a specific thought process? How about people who don't believe in ghosts?

Also, you obviously don't quite grasp atheism, if you're calling it a belief system. It is a label for people who DON'T believe in one specific thing. Also, it's quite silly to tell somebody that a label that describes ONE thing that they DON'T believe in describes their other beliefs. It doesn't. Atheists can and do believe in all kinds of things. An atheist can not believe in god, yet believe in pseudo science, or aliens, or whatever. Saying someone is an atheist doesn't mean that they are automatically a champion of science or anything else. It simply means they do not subscribe to the belief of a god or gods for whatever reason.
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