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Originally Posted by Big_T_Roose View Post
That is why I don't ride my snowmobile or ORV on the road. I did not register it to be driven on the road. All you did was make my point clear. The toys I have that are registered to be on the road are used on the road and my off road toys that are not used on roads are not registered to be on the road.
I'm going to suggest we start forcing people to register thier shoes when the buy them too. I mean, people walk on the side of the road, they should pay up!


People on their bikes on the roads do nothing but impead trafic and think they are better than you because they are helping the enviornment. They need to get off their high horse and pay their way to use the roads like the rest os us.
I do'nt think I'm better then anybody when I'm riding my bike on the road. Which, BTW, is something I did daily as a commuter for a few years. I try not to impede traffic when I can. If I have to though, I make sure that I am safe and make sure you aren't goign to try to pass me when it's not safe for you to pass me. That's not because I think I'm better then you, I just know people don't have any regard to the safety of people on bikes if they feel inconvicned.

[stands on top of soap box} With that, I want to say this. You're in a freaking car. You have more convenience then probably 95% of the worlds population by even having 1 car and your complaining because you can't use your brain enough to give your self enough time to make it to where your going early. Boo Fricking Who! [steps off soap box]

I know that this is not what the OP thread is about, but since when has that stopped anyone on here from going off and discussing other topics in the threads.

So you can shove it and start paying to use the roads with your bikes like everyone else on the roads.
I have no problem paying a registration fee for my bike. It's a sport I enjoy very much and it's saved my family hundreds of dollars in Gas over the last 3 years. If I have to pay to have that convenience and the added benefit of staying in better shape, I'll pay it.

If that happens though, I expect any road commission maintained side walks to be taxed accordingly. Shoe tax. Dead Serious. IF I'm paying money to ride my bike and maintain those side walks, those people, including the kintergarders, better pay up to!
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