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Originally Posted by Big_T_Roose View Post
That is why I don't ride my snowmobile or ORV on the road. I did not register it to be driven on the road. All you did was make my point clear. The toys I have that are registered to be on the road are used on the road and my off road toys that are not used on roads are not registered to be on the road.

People on their bikes on the roads do nothing but impead trafic and think they are better than you because they are helping the enviornment. They need to get off their high horse and pay their way to use the roads like the rest os us.

I know that this is not what the OP thread is about, but since when has that stopped anyone on here from going off and discussing other topics in the threads.

So you can shove it and start paying to use the roads with your bikes like everyone else on the roads.
You're an idiot.

Do you want little kids who ride their bikes to pay registration fees too? What about people who walk on the side of the road? Where do you draw the line?

It's a non motorized vehicle. It is doing no damage to the road, and just like any other pedestrian it has the exact same rights to be on the road. No different than a walker, runner, person walking their dog etc.

If a bicyclist who is riding on the road is such an inconvenience for you I suggest you run them over and get them out of your way....or wait the whopping 30 seconds it will take to have a clearing to safely pass them.

Some people's entitlement to the road just because they are in a car cracks me the fukc up.

Though, this topic is about taxing the AIR you BREATHE. So it should be likened more to taxing the air we breathe, taxing you for letting it rain on your grass, taxing you for sun tanning at a beach on the sand you made a sand castle out of, taxing you for swimming in a lake, etc.
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