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i recently sent the following back to Karl after getting one of his newsletters:

your recent newsletter indicated your participation in the following:
In recent weeks, Sen. Carl Levin has introduced legislation that would close unjustified tax loopholes that add to the deficit
i have to ask "how can you, with a straight face, call them ' unjustified tax loopholes ' "?
ANY "loophole" exits only because congress approved it in tax regulations and the president signed it into law.
if you and your congressional partners were honest and had some backbone you'd at least acknowledge that these tax breaks existed because of the action of an earlier congress and that you are now dealing with the situation.
as it is, you and your congressional partners use wording that makes is appear as if the beneficiaries of these tax laws are hoodwinking the government and getting away with something the average taxpayer cannot.
shame on you.
regardless of party affiliation, shame on all of you."
I am afraid that he and nost others of his ilk pray on the ignorance of the masses whom they have so earnestly dumbed down over the decades.
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