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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
To make the argument that God must be made up because different people describe him differently is kind of futile. Different people react to things differently. You can go to a baseball game and think it's great while your friend next to you thinks it's the worst game he's gone to. That doesn't disprove the game, that just shows that we all experience things differently.

Much like a baseball game it helps to know the big picture and why the different players act the way they do. People who Cherry pick, both believers and not, are the people who are not getting everything they can get out of the game. I'm not saying I have a perfect understanding of the bible, but when I read it with the understanding of the whole picture, It makes complete sense. That picture is God blessing his children, disciplining (like any good parent) them, and ultimately pointing to the event that will bring them back to him.
I'm pretty sure both friends will agree that the baseball game actually exists.

I don't think good parents kill their children if they misbehave.
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